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Aug 15, 2009 1:00am EDT
with paying those executives money. if you're talking about g e or fred smith, who begrudges the person making millions of dollars for the company? shannon: a lot of legislation considered on the hill was discouraging risky behavior as being tied to these packages. the pay czar, is he the judge of this? >> that is what he's supposed to do, set the standards. this is part of the central planning model where we have someone in washington deciding what to the executive salary ies. shannon: this is a unique situation but do you fear this could creep into other industries? >> yes, there could be a special tax imposed on those that make over $30 million or $40 million. there is a kind of class warfare going on in washington. i see it every day. it is a good point to make. this does not to stop with the companies that to a government money. i think it will apply to all companies. it could be through either capping what they could earn or just taxing. shannon: is this an overall push being about going after the top earnings? >> it is punitive. do we want to punish the banks or do we want to make them
Aug 23, 2009 6:00am EDT
-10. hunter smith punting it away. joe burnett fields it at his own 18 yard line. check out number 86, fred davis. makes the hit, causes the fumble. dale young recovers it. the skins are in business. here we go. ensuing play, chase daniel still in the game. taking his time. had great protection from the offensive line here. drops back, play action, and then hits fred davis in stride for an 18-yard touchdown. fred davis had a good game. chase daniel finished the game 6-8 for 58dsar y and two scores. the redskins win it 17-13 the final. >> i was much more pleased, you know. we ended up converting third downs. we were 1 of 11 a week ago. i think we were 9 of 17 this ga so we definitely improved in our third down conversions. we even converted on a couple of fourth down plays. and so i was very pleased. what i'm looking for as far as improving is, you know, continue to improve our route running down the field and continue to improve our poise under pressure. you know, trying to really execute very well. we did a lot of that tonight. you know, we're all demanding, i guess. >> jim zorn of the red
Aug 4, 2009 9:00pm EDT
with the congressional committee. rioter four, kevin smith, former house analyst. rioter five, former aibd to senator fred thompson. rioter six, matt shlap, bush campaign staffer. rioter seven, aide to republican congressman van hillary. rioter eight, duane gibson, aide to don young. rioter nine, aide to then-republican congressman jim demint. and rioter techb, lana, former assistant to jim lightfoot. many of the brooks brothers rioters went on to good jobs in the bush/cheney administration. that mob scene they participated in became something republicans put on their resumes. one applying for the right kind of republican party job or right kind of conservative movement job. well, now, the tea bag health care riots that we're seeing, the shout them down, shut them down thuggery being staged right now at houn tall meetings about health care is again a conservative source of pride as corporate lobbying groups brag about their ability to turn out the mobs to shut down the democratic process, because, of course, the single most important piece of the history of the brooks brothers riot is that it worked.
Aug 14, 2009 5:00am EDT
cornerback justin was beaten several times. fred davis fumbled late in the second quarter. the ravens quarterback troy smith ended the half with this touchdown pass to justin harper to beat former terp kevin barnes, and the ravens beat the redskins, the final was 23-0. once again, the redskins lose to the ravens in the preseason opener, the final here in baltimore, ravens 23, washington 0. there's a look at your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. >> so i guess some of the review is just that they didn't have all their key players out there, so it wasn't necessarily as bad of a loss as it may seem. >> based on the 23-0 that tim told us, yeah. >> all right. better next time, maybe. 5:25 is your time. let's get the latest headlines in business news now. >> linda bell joins us live from new york. hi, linda. >> happy friday morning to you, julie and alison. we have news this morning on the housing industry. home prices continue to decline. connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, and illinois suffered the most widespread price cuts in the past year. that's according to a real es
Aug 14, 2009 5:00pm EDT
the middle. this time the second year tight end fred dave. he is stripped and fumble it is ball, second fumble of the game. this time the redskins don't recover. the ravens do. and that was a costly turnover because baltimore would capitalize. troy smith, former quarterback, out of ohio ate, making things happen here. watch this. the pump fake. freezes redskins rookie cornerback kevin barnes. that's a touchdown pass. harper hauls it in. the redskins are shut out 23-0. the defense allows 500 yards. head coach jim zorn not thrilled but always staying positive. >> i thought jason was sharp for the limited amount of time he had in there. i thought our defensive line did a very nice job as they were in there. we missed tackles. we were soft in other areas, both offensively and defensively. you know, soft playing. with that kind of intensity. i thought there was a lot of guys out there playing but they didn't really realize how difficult the game really is. and, you know, we paid for it in some of the situations. >> we played two series. play for the same amount of time. same time i thought w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)